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Community Hands

We believe sustainability isn’t a process or path but a cultural mission and we are on a mission to remove your wasted electricity and to empower the electricity ecosystem with actionable and credible analysis and information.  We are always aware, measuring and managing the impact we have, whether it’s in your home or to our planet.  We have been given a wonderful gift and with that gift comes great responsibility to honor and cherish it.  GOEFER began with a crazy idea and two amazingly supportive families.  During our early days, Mike and Jarred knew how important it was to build a bedrock of unyielding values and truths.

Our humble start allowed us to create and embed sustainability into the GOEFER culture and our ongoing promise is to be open and honest so we can build trust, be accountable, and to inspire others.  We know we won’t get it right every time but we will learn from the trips and falls so we are better prepared for the next steps.

Stay tuned, we’re just getting started-M&J 2/2018

GOEFER manifesto
Tithe 10%, period

we tithe 10% of the profits


relationships matter

Leave no trace, period

we strive to leave no trace