Our Why that led to our Aha-moment

Watts of electricity aren’t reusable and it takes a lot to produce and send them so they can power your life.  No one uses watts directly because it’s shocking if we do (yes we went there).  But we are using the gadgets and appliances that do and every watt consumed by them must be paid for.  What happens when you aren’t using them, yet they’re still consuming watts of electricity?  No one minds paying for electricity when they’re binge-watching their favorite show, brewing their favorite cup of coffee, rocking out to their favorite band, or working in their office.  But those same devices that bring us joy or earn us money, can cost us even if they aren’t being used.  Our focus is to make sure you only pay for the electricity when you need it.

We started with a very simple dream: create an easy-to-use product for customers to understand their electricity while eliminating the waste.  But something happened along the way.  Creating something easy to use required a lot of information to answer the who, what, when, where, and how for each customer.  Managing all that information created an Aha-Moment.

Information creates awareness and awareness creates action and action creates change.  We realized we could go beyond customer understanding and savings.  What would happen if we connected the people that made, managed, or powered our stuff with the people that were using them every day?  The information GOEFER manages to easily understand and save money, is bigger than us and should be available for everyone.  Imagine the positive change that could happen if everyone in the electricity ecosystem understood more?  

Please join the electricity transformation where anyone can save and everyone understands.

Meet the Founders

Sketched MH

Michael Herod

It was early fall in 2015 when he stepped away from a successful career as a Building Sustainability Consultant to work full time on taking this vision to market.  He brings over 20 years of construction and facility management experience, with half of that focused on sustainability.  His passion is also transferred to the sustainability graduate students he mentors at Arizona State University-the most respected sustainability university in the country.  He speaks building and energy reductions, and wants to translate that expertise to GOEFER customers and the GOEFER Team.

the geek

Jarred Nicholls

He comes from a very successful career as a Principal Software Architect, Open Source Developer & Technical Speaker with over 16 years of experience working in startups in a wide array of industries and on large open source projects, including but not limited to WebKit (Apple Safari), Chromium (Google Chrome), and Qt. His experience in growing dispersed teams, breaking ground greenfield products, and designing massively scalable architectures has prepared him to meet the global growth challenge of GOEFER.