Meet the Team

Sketched MH

Michael Herod

It was early fall in 2015 when he stepped away from a successful career as a Building Sustainability Consultant to work full time on taking this vision to market.  He brings over 20 years of construction and facility management experience, with half of that focused on sustainability.  His passion is also transferred to the sustainability graduate students he mentors at Arizona State University-the most respected sustainability university in the country.  He speaks building and energy reductions, and wants to translate that expertise to GOEFER customers and the GOEFER Team.

the geek

Jarred Nicholls

He is a tech geek through and through, which is great because Michael is not.  Let’s face it, only a tech geek would thrive by studying subjects such as Programming Language Theory and Compilers, Cryptography, Distributed Computing and Machine Learning.  What does any of that mean?  Who knows!  Jarred is motivated by using his technical prowess to take on environmental and security challenges and building towards a safe and sustainable future for generations to come.  We’ve also noticed that he may have a slight coffee addiction.