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The Problem

Almost half of the electricity you pay for flows through a plug.  And did you know that each year the devices and appliances plugged into your home are costing you almost $165 per year in wasted electricity?  Did you also know the average home has about 65 things plugged-in at any time?  

GOEFER puts you in control to freely use your stuff without worrying about the wasted electricity.




The Solution

It takes a lot to power your life, and the everyday interactions with those powered devices build an electronic ecosystem that is unique to you. The gadgets, devices, or appliances you use are amazing and make your life easier but expensive, connected but cluttered, and safer but stretched.  What will your electronic ecosystem look like if you understand how it works, control it to fit you, and it saves you money?

Who uses what?  What is left on?  How much will it cost?

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Don’t guess, know. GOEFER clearly shows you the who, what, when, where, and how, of the electricity plugged into your life.


Life is hectic but when you plug your devices and appliances into GOEFER they become smart, controllable, and convenient.


Stop paying for unused and wasted electricity.  GOEFER unplugs the electrical waste in your life saving you money every day.

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Join the GOEFER community so you can understand the electrical ecosystem of your life, control any connected device to fit your needs, and save electricity in your home.  We have a special token of appreciation for our next 500 members.

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